Barbara Ochsner, M.A., LMFT 
                 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #96727

About me

I have the desire and am qualified to work with a diverse population. This is the result, in part, of having received a solid education from Saybrook University whose emphasis is on the humanistic client centered approach. In addition I have 56 years of life experience where, from earliest memory, I was fascinated by human behavior and how we interact. 

I found Saybrook University’s focus on existential humanistic client centered approach, to be a good match with who I am.  I was exposed to many theoretical approaches allowing me to develop skills in an integrative approach as a practitioner. I have increased these skills while working as an intern at AgeSong, primarily with the elderly with various forms of dementia and other mental health issues. I am appreciating having discovered the value of understanding how to meet my clients where they are and without expectation.  In addition, I have developed the ability to communicate in ways other than verbal, all of which I feel are important skills working with any population. I am now familiar with many of the issues associated with being an elder as well as those of family members. The final developmental phase of life has historically been disregarded in our culture and as our elderly population grows, will have to be given the attention of the psychological community. I am excited to have gained the knowledge that will allow me to be a part of this transition.

I am also particularly interested in working with couples and those with eating disorders. These are areas where I have learned a great deal through personal experience and in-depth study in my masters program.

I have for many years worked with clients referred by Psychotherapists with whom I do coaching to build social skills due to conditions such as autism, ADHD,  inexperience relating to fear of social interactions, and a variety of other causes. My practice as a life coach is based on the Co-Active Coaching approach.

 I am certified in Expressive Arts Therapy, Process Oriented Psychotherapy, and Gerentological Wellness from the Pacific Institute.

I have recently completed a course and am certified in Nutritional Therapy. Together we analyze your diet to assess whether it is right for your current state of health. We address nutritional deficiencies to improve any health symptoms and optimize for good health.

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