Barbara Ochsner, M.A., LMFT 
                 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #96727

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  • Do you have or are you an aging family member with an increasing need for daily assistance?  
  • Are you or other family members struggling with the best choices to make?
  • Is there disagreement among family members about the options that will provide the highest quality of life in this developmental phase?
Everyone in the family, including the elder, is effected in some or multiple ways. We can address all of these issues individually and as a  group so that everyone's needs are met to the greatest degree possible.


  • Are you experiencing a lack of ability to accomplish the things you want and/or need to do?
  • Are you feeling depressed, anxious, sad, or having difficulty managing the stress in your life?
Together we will explore how you can address these feelings effectively and learn how to manage them
so that you feel a sense of control and experience the ability to appreciate and enjoy your daily life.

  • Are you using food to fill an internal void or help yourself feel calm in the moment?
  • Are you feeling the need for immediate gratification as opposed to being able to allow for the longer term mindful approach?
  • Does this result in feelings of increased distress rather than alleviating feelings of anxiety? 
We will find ways for you to fill that void, manage your anxiety and feel calm without using food. This alleviates the constant battle and allows for food to be a pleasurable way to nourish and give energy to your body, developing life long sustainable and healthy habits.

  • Are you having difficulties in your committed relationship?
  • Do you feel your partner does not hear you?
  • Are you angry and feel your partner is to blame?
  • Have you lost the ability to feel connected over time?

I teach both of you the importance of and how to allow each other to be exactly who you are, how to communicate your needs and desires in an effective manner, and how to problem solve so that the resolutions you agree on work for both of you. I have experience with issues related specifically to sex, economics, infidelity, life transitions, etc.

I am currently meeting with people at my office in the Sunset District in San Francisco who need assistance resolving issues with which they are struggling.


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